How to Learn from GrubHub's New Tablet App's Example

May 17, 2012 12:00 AM

How to Learn from GrubHub's New Tablet App's Example

" How do you know when a company or a product is a big hit? Well, it doesn't hurt that even if you've never used it, you still know enough to be able to tell your friends about it. In my circles, GrubHub is an example of this sort of a success. Whether they're people who have tried it once, are addicts or somewhere in between, pretty much everyone knows all about the site that lets hungry Chicagoans -- usually made of felt, like in the subway ads -- order food from almost any restaurant in town online.

But then, the Chicago-based GrubHub decided to get a little more unpredictable and harder to pin down. Earlier this month, GrubHub debuted OrderHub, an app designed to allow restaurants to manage the online orders they get through GrubHub. Here, watch this:

As GrubHub Co-Founder/CEO Matt Maloney references in the video, GrubHub had always been streamlined and super-easy to use for customers, but for restaurants, not so much. Previously, orders would be faxed to restaurants from GrubHub, and then restaurants would confirm the orders through an automated phone service. For the 21st century, that's a positively Precambrian solution "

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