It must also have strong qualities of Manager

January 30, 2012 12:00 AM

It must also have strong qualities of Manager
The hairdressing sector has now 6,000 rooms free.

Free nibbles market share

With 118 networks in 2008 against 111 the previous year, the sector hairdressing and aesthetics continued to grow. Nice progress also on the side of the franchisees, according to the Fédération Française de Franchise: 5 882 in 2008 against 5 545 in 2007. Alone, the hairdressing sector has now 6,000 rooms, 10 of the Park, 20 of salaried jobs and 30 of net sales, EUR 1.6 billion. If the self-employed artisans are still two-thirds of the institutes of beauty, franchises continue to gain ground. Enghien, Romain Raguin, pattern of three centres Esthetic Center, is about to open a fourth: "I did had never set foot in a lounge aesthetic." But if I have to start in this sector of activity, it is because the franchisor has provided me with all the expertise that missed me: a concept well organised, regular training, a range of products and ongoing innovations in care. "Other benefits underlined by the franchisee: a powerful computer tool and an external communication marketing pack. Result: "of the profitable centres as soon as the first or the second month."

The shadow of the franchisor

But these forms are not suitable for all professionals. Pascal Sallot, show Pascal hairdressing in Tinchebray (Orne) boss defends its independence: "franchisors require training with guidance on the cuts." They leave us not choose to use salon products. "But in this small Normandy town, the artisan is in competition with three other fairs. "Of course, concedes, in a large city, to start with a sign Jean-Louis David or Franck Provost ensures from the outset a good reputation."

Hairdressing / beauty: from different professional backgrounds

Is there an ideal candidate to the franchise in the aesthetic hairdressing sector Not, for the good reason that a distinction of size between signs hairdressing to signs of beauty. The first require a holder of a professional hairdressing patent professional, while the seconds accept candidates from all walks of life. "We seek before all a contractor willing to roll up the sleeves and on its trading area," explains Dominique balsam, CEO of Point sun tanning centers. Knowledge, we provide them with training and expertise of our sign. "Franchisors also recruit less involved investors in the functioning of the show on a daily basis, but who have the ambition to become the multi-franchisés.

Franchisee: a good manager above all

Beyond the criteria of qualifications, hairdressing and beauty franchisors are found on many points. The future franchisee must demonstrate a sense of trade, with a capacity to manage a team. It must also have strong qualities of Manager. Requirements that all applicants are not aware. "Seen candidates that are sweet dreamers and do not have the burden of work, says Dominique Balsam.". Sometimes they are even not the financial means to start while has well specified them the amount from the outset. "Suddenly, the Director-General wishes to see all of the candidates in person and sign the contracts himself. The performance of the networks attract many candidates and franchisors are very selective. Better therefore to cement his file.