Monthly growth beats the jump in November 64

January 30, 2012 12:00 AM

Monthly growth beats the jump in November  64

It is a new milestone in the acceleration of the crisis. In January, applicants 90.200 to additional employment were registered on the lists of pole job, an historic increase of 4.3 in a month, according to figures released yesterday. Monthly growth beats the jump in November ( 64.000), which had yet put an end to a record of fifteen years. The number of jobseekers registered in category 1 (immediately available, for a full-time Commission and who have worked less than a half-time in the month) and passes the bar of the 2.2 million. In four months, the number of unemployed increased nearly $ 250,000.

The increase in the number of unemployed is linked to the number of entries but also to a decline in the number of outputs, including for resumption of employment. All the reasons for entry at pole employment (end of CSD, acting, economic dismissal...) end is progressing (see below). The increase reflects both failures of companies, who were concerned more than 220,000 employees these past 12 months and continue to accelerate, and their wait, given expectations of activity very degraded. She is put in parallel with the destruction of employment: in the fourth quarter, 89,000 employees jobs have still been destroyed. The increase in January does not include, however, thousands of employees in partial unemployment, which, since they retain their contract of employment, are not considered as job-seekers.

Forecast driven

Of unemployment insurance, yet regularly revised estimates in recent months are pressed (see opposite). The unemployment rate, set at 8 at the horizon of June by the Insee, should rise more quickly. It will remain, however, records of 1997 where the unemployment rate had approached the 11. But the multiplication of social plans or voluntary departures in recent weeks companies (read below) suggests, the formal consultations and departure procedures, an extension of the trend the coming months. The Secretary of State for employment Laurent Wauquiez, indicated yesterday to expect "several months" on this rate.

Officially, however, the Government deviates does not his analytical. Rising, explains in the entourage of the Minister of the economy, is "in the right line of the decline in GDP in the fourth quarter" ( 1.2). "Companies fit there where they can: on stocks and flexible employment.". With multiple employment policy tools have, in fact, open since last summer: relaunch of assisted contracts, improve the use and recovery of partial unemployment, extension of the conventions of custom reclassification, exemption from additional burdens for very small businesses, boost to employees having insufficient contributions, etc.

Poorly targeted measures

"There is no shortage of action." "It is implementing what we already announced and that much", responds the entourage of Christine Lagarde. In a press release published yesterday, it also recalled "social accompaniment measures" announced at the end of the social Summit. In the absence of information on the 800 million euros to be made by the State to the social investment Fund ("Les Echos" from February 20), the 1.1 billion (about 2.6 billion) to lower the tax on the income of households might appear today, anachronistic and poorly targeted. The premium for the precarious with inadequately assessed is thus, in comparison, only 117 million euros.

The CFDT also reiterated yesterday that the response by the Government via the social fund was "very inadequate, both in the amount in the source of funding", while the CGT criticized "lag shouting between the gravity of the situation and responses". The Confederation also asks the hiring of employees at pole employment to improve support to the unemployed.